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Zoey's Quick 7:
1.) Mama of 5 -ages 13-1. Lemme tell you...it's such a blessing, but also chaos!
2.) Married to a bearded burly man who loves and supports me in ALL I do...even if they're hair brained ideas!
3.) Gimme all the shades of magenta lipsticks! Love me a bold lip. 
4.) I look at tattoos like an incredible way to put awesome artwork on a body. I have 9 tattoos and plan to get a lot more over the course of my life! 
5.) I've never sang around my husband (we've been together almost 8 years...) and In a past life I used to sing on stage. 

6.) Sometimes I write WAAAAAAY better than I can talk. 

7.) Besides being a stay at home mama and a home school teacher to 3 of my kiddos I also run a photography business! 
You can check it out HERE 

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