Our Dear Anne - A beautiful treasure who will be forever missed.

As she leaned in, lips puckered and pointed straight at mine I quickly shifted my face so she'd hit my cheek. When she pulled me in close I relaxed into her embrace and found comfort in the softness of her body. I took a quick sniff to make sure she smelled just like she always had.
 A distinct smell that I still am fond of to this day. As we untangled she swiftly dug into her pocket and pulled out a small clear bottle. I stood in front of her with a clear loving gaze knowing what was about to happen. She dipped her thumb into the small vial and swiped it across my forehead in the sign of the cross. As the smell of frankincense wafted into the air she quietly said "May the Lord bless you."  

This greeting was something that happened to every one of her family and friends (and sometimes even strangers!) every time we saw her. 

My Grandmother. Our Matriarch. 
My soft place. 

She was kind, gentle, loving and a bit stubborn with a deep fire in her.

As a matriarch to a HUGE family of children, grand children and great-grand children she embraced EACH and every one of us for who we were and loved us passionately and without measure. She prayed for us daily and celebrated the big and little joys in each of our lives. 
She adored her family and friends and loved God so fervently that she was a force to be reckoned with. 

My grandmother imparted wisdom, love, grace and guidance to those around her and many of us will be forever grateful for the love she gave us. She drew us closer as a family and in turn created a beautifully crafted tribe of people whom she loved and cherished. She was such a dear woman. A precious gem whom will be missed so deeply in the hearts of those she touched. She touched so many lives in her wake. She had quiet conversations with strangers, she remembered all of our birthdays AND made sure to give gifts and celebrate with us. She always filled our stockings at the children's Christmas party, She held our hands, she prayed for us and with us, she came to our events, She made us special dinners when we'd come to visit, she laughed with us, she'd take us in if we needed a place to lay our head, she listened to us, she defended us and most importantly, she loved us unconditionally. 

When I first started on my photography journey I was lucky enough to spend a quiet afternoon in the company of my grandparents taking photos. These photographs are something I, and all of the lives my grandma touched, will forever be grateful for. They are reflections of memories we've had in their home, in my grandmothers presence and reflections of the elements of my grandparents that are emblazoned in our minds. 

We love you so Dearly. 
Forever in our hearts you'll be. 

For the whole photo series click the link below:

Bob and Anne Miller


  1. WOW very moving and beautiful memories of your grandparents. Anne will be missed dearly. I have thought of her often. I wish I could make it for her funeral, living in AZ & finances are short. Your family will continue to be in my prayers. Many blessings......Cynthia (Young) Johnson

    1. Thank You Cynthia! It's amazing how many people my grandma touched while living. She was an amazing woman who LOVED every single person she met.


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