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Where there is darkness, there is light.

As the allure of spring emerges with longer days and warmer temps many of us see the light at the end of this cold and temporary stark tunnel called winter.  Winter is a time for introspection, healing, rest and more than anything a time to settle into the ups and downs of emotions you may feel, because it's okay to feel those ups and downs. 
As I reflect back on this winter in particular, I have found it to be strange, tiresome and somewhat emotionally draining. 
I often pondered our miscarriage and what it meant to us as a family and me as a woman and mother.  I often asked myself what positive light could I take away from that situation. 
Truth be told, after you have a miscarriage you're not really sure how to feel, act, think or even speak at times. Just like the lack of information on actual miscarriage (that is REAL and RELEVANT), there is even less on how you feel and process what happened.  For many months after our miscarriage I would openly talk about it with littl…