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Authentic, Authenticity and the self.

What does it mean to you?

Authentic. It's a word I've been mulling over lately in my noggin.  This word that comes up in my daily life while I'm reading, thinking, speaking. I ponder it so much sometimes I feel like I may go crazy searching for the true meaning in my life.
But, I won't. I promise...
 Maybe just a little. 
Authentic means real; genuine. Of undisputed origin. Not copied or false. True and accurate. 

In many ways my life feels a bit lacking. Some days I feel like it lacks true authenticity. The true nitty gritty authentic real and genuine stuff life is made of. Truth be told I've felt like a robot many times. Beeboopin' around cooking, cleaning, caretaking and bed timing every day. The genuine mom, partner and artist has seemed to vanish. The monotony of the daily grind has sucked me dry of my authentic, quirky, weird self.
It's a tragedy to feel that way...for anyone. Sometimes I feel like there is this mask over me and my entire l…