This is Us.

This is us.

 Robert and I. 

We've been together for 5 years. 
Sometimes it feels like it's been 15 because of the deep bond we share, but other times it feels like 5 minutes because of the butterflies I still get when we're together. 

He makes me feel young, yet mature. I love him so deeply. 

He has graciously cared for children that aren't his because he loves me and believes in us. He has gifted me with a sweet and magical little cherub of a daughter. 

I deeply adore him and I know the feeling is mutual. 

I cannot imagine wanting to spend my days earth side with anyone else besides him. 

Even though we feel like we are married in our hearts, we are officially tying the knot soon. 

This love of ours is special, authentic, raw, and wild. 


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