Deep Intense Passion.

I've been thinking a lot about Passion lately...

 Intensity. Fervor. Joy. Zeal. Excitement. Devotion. Spirit. Warmth.
These are all AMAZING words that describe passion.

 Passion is a weird thing. It can strike your heart so quickly you feel breathless, but in the same instant it can deflate you because it's gone. Passion is a word that hits a cord in me. I have so much intense passion in my life ( I am not talking about the "wow, you're so hot you're making me melt" type passion...We'll leave that for another days topic!) but the intense artistic passion that keeps me up at night because I am so excited. The passion that I feel when I create. The passion that burns within me right at the base of my belly that leaves me feeling all goofy inside. This passion can be hard to come by at times, though. I know, I can attest to that with my whole heart. When I've  gone for months without creating I have always began to feel a bit lackluster, lifeless and dull. It's as if there is a haze buzzing about me at all times that I can't clear away. I have been in that fog so many times in my life. Many times I have allowed myself to get swept up in outside issues, people or situations that eventually steal that passion from me. I have succumb to the fog and just walked in a hazy cloud feeling fruitless. 

Why am I telling you all this? Well, because I am hoping many people can relate. 

I am also telling you this because I think my passion is coming back.
I felt as though I've been in a fog for a long while now, but do you know what was truly missing while I was walking around in that daze? CREATING. The one thing I KNOW I was born to do, I wasn't doing it. My 2 very special hands attached to my body weren't doing what they were supposed to be doing. I've been so caught up in other non-important stupid shit that makes no damn difference to me in the big picture for some reason. I truly feel in my heart that in order for passion to flow through me I have to keep creating and tapping into this beautiful artistic mindset that I have stumbled into again. So, that's what I am doing. I am feeling more and more like my self every single day I can sit down and take a beautiful photograph, write a beautiful sentence or paint something moving. She's coming back. This weirdo is coming back to show the world what she's got! 

So, I ask you to look inside yourself and truly ask yourself if you have been walking around in daze. If you have, dig deep and meditate on what you may be missing, what you are truly PASSIONATE about. When you find it, don't let it go. Tap into it even if it's just a little. The fog will start to lift, I promise. I've felt it lifting in my own life.

So, All you weirdos, I leave you with a few images that my passion has manifested lately...These are just re-edits of photos I have taken over the course of time. I Love these photos because there is such an intricate attention to detail. That detail makes me all squirmy with excitement. 

And yes, they are all engagement rings. I've got weddings on the brain!
You can find more of my passion HERE :) 


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