30 Days to Be Creative...

So, I’ve seen a few posts around lately about challenging yourself to be creative every single day for 300 days straight, now, that might be a bit extreme for my taste seeing as though I know my weaknesses and enlisting myself on a 300 day creative flow will just lead to burnout, majorly. So, I am mixing it up and pushing myself to tap into the creativity (almost) every day for 30 days.
 I really want to challenge myself to get back up on that creative horse and gallop away into the sunset with my camera, paintbrush and pencil in hand.
(Can’t you envision it now??)
30 days is a good start to mix up the creative juices and get them flowing through the body. I have been in a creative jag for a while and I want to shake myself out of it and open my mind up more freely to create, write, and prosper in ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc. You get the picture…
So, creative means writing, photography, drawing, painting, crafting and so on and so on. ANYTHING that will get my hands and brain working together to create a beautiful sentence, photo, piece of artwork will be good enough for me. I am actually SUPER stoked about this….I may not share my works every day, but I will attempt to keep everyone up to date with the goodies I’ve been working on.
If anyone wants to join my 30 day challenge feel free to post to my Facebook or Blog…I would LOVE To see the creative endeavors of my fellow weirdos!!
So, I share with you now my day 1 of the “30 days to be creative”.

So, I say to you now…Go forth weirdos and create, inspire and be weird.


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