We need a chart for that!

So, I have been swimming in chores lately. I don't know if it's just because I notice them more now or because winter has us all in close quarters so we make more mess, but they have been overwhelmingly piling up. 

I would ask my sons to help me out...seeing as though my oldest is 10 and my youngest is darn near 5...you would think they would help...right? Well, they do a heck of a lot around here, but there have been times that I have had to attempt to ask them over and over again to complete the task I gave them hours ago. I know all that is because they are kids, but for this Mama, it gets tiring VERY quickly trying to keep whose doing what straight...not to mention, I don't want to follow around behind them and harp on them over and over again. 

So, I came up with an idea...a chore chart...

but part one of the chore chart...
I purchased dry erase boards from Target a few months ago thinking this would help with my disorganization and keep the boys on track with what they need to do. It was sectioned off by days of the week...We started out strong and I would write chores out once a week but alas, for me, I am absent minded sometimes and frankly, after a long day with the kids, tired. What mom isn't?! Soon, the wagon wheels fell off with that idea and I was back to square one. Attempting to ask for help and getting "Not right now!" responses. 

I then came up with a more brilliant solution that I am really excited to share with everyone. I created a simple tutorial so hopefully, everyone who wants to keep track of chores for their kids, but don't have a lot of time can create in an hour or so and you will have this chart for a LONG time. 


Supplies needed: 

-A magnetic board. 
(There are MULTIPLE tutorials out there on how to make them yourself, OR you can hit up an office supply store or the office supply section at your local store and see if they have magnetic boards. You can easily section them off if you have multiple children with either permanent markers OR washi tape.)

-1-2 rolls of 1 inch thick magnetic tape rolls. 
(I got this at my local craft store!) 

-Standard size address labels. 
(I would suggest WHITE or cream)

-A printer 
(Or, if you want to get crafty you can write them out!)

First think I had to do was come up with chores. I came up with a list of about 50-60 chores...Some of them aren't chores, but more daily reminders to be kind to their siblings or do and say nice things or others.

After I crafted my list I created a word document and found the basic standard address label template in WORD. I typed each up and them printed them out on the address labels. 

After printing them out I then peeled the protective paper off the magnetic roll in about 3 feet sections. I then carefully (but, still botched a few! oops!) labels down side by side. I did this until all of the chores on the labels were on the magnetic stripes. 

I then cut them to make their individual magnets. 

Then, I stuck them on the board! 

It was so simple it was baffling to myself that I hadn't done this before. 

Now, I can switch chores around within seconds, and place a few on the day each day. This cuts down on time by writing each board out 

It's so easy...I hope you enjoy doing this! 


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