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DIY Glitter Bulbs...Who wouldn't love them?!

Hello All! 

The Holiday season is fast approaching...and with the holiday season comes a buzz about decorations, trimmings and all of the wonderful things that come with the holidays. Not going to lie, Christmas time is one of my favorite times of the year. I have been known to take the decorating portion of the whole season quite seriously. This year I wanted to do things a bit differently though...

Instead of spending a ton of money to buy my own decorations for my tree I had this brilliant idea of creating my own! So, slowly, that's what I have been doing. 

I have LOTS of ideas up my sleeve on how to decorate your tree with things from around your own home! I will post the ideas here, on my blog and share all of the creative inspirations I have had this season. This is first of many posts...I promise!! 

Today, I played with glitter and glue. 2 things that have brought me much joy in my life. I hope my partner understands that glitter will be embedded in our carpet and on *some* of our furniture until the end of time...That's just what happens when you are with someone who is overly obsessive about glitter. Glitter just evokes an emotion in me I can't even describe. It's like a giddy joy with squeals of delight. EACH.AND.EVERY.TIME I see it...No Joke...ask my man, he'll tell you the same thing. Not many things can create those squeals of delight in me like a small 5 year old. 

I seriously think I am a grown up little girl. 

I had the bright idea last season, but never got around to today I finally glittered away. I used old burned out light bulbs of all shapes and sizes, sprayed them with spray adhesive and then glittered the friggin' crap out of them. I so wish more light bulbs were dead in our house so I could glitter the crap out of those too, but alas...they are still burning. 
I used an assortment of glitters and Elmers Craft Bond Spray Adhesive. You can get both at your local craft store :) 

*I would suggest that you wear GLOVES of some sort for this project. I found a pair of latex rubber gloves (that I usually use to color my hair) and wore one on the hand I was holding the actual bulbs in with the spray adhesive. This ensured that I didn't get sticky adhesive ALL over my fingers and hands. It turned out to be a blessing because at the end that glove was covered in sticky glitter chunks. 

*I also did this project near a ventilated area so the fumes of the spray weren't so bothersome...and I sprayed the bulbs in a cardboard box with higher sides so the over spray wouldn't spray other things that didn't need to be glittered...YET. 

All in all I think they turned out beautifully! I can't wait until more bulbs burn out so I have MORE decorations!! 


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