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DIY Glitter Bulbs...Who wouldn't love them?!

Hello All! 
The Holiday season is fast approaching...and with the holiday season comes a buzz about decorations, trimmings and all of the wonderful things that come with the holidays. Not going to lie, Christmas time is one of my favorite times of the year. I have been known to take the decorating portion of the whole season quite seriously. This year I wanted to do things a bit differently though...
Instead of spending a ton of money to buy my own decorations for my tree I had this brilliant idea of creating my own! So, slowly, that's what I have been doing. 
I have LOTS of ideas up my sleeve on how to decorate your tree with things from around your own home! I will post the ideas here, on my blog and share all of the creative inspirations I have had this season. This is first of many posts...I promise!! 
Today, I played with glitter and glue. 2 things that have brought me much joy in my life. I hope my partner understands that glitter will be embedded in our carpet and on *some…

What does it all mean?

There has been an article circulating recently about marriage and how it isn't for you. Meaning, you don't get married to make yourself happy, but you marry to selflessly create happiness in the other person. You lay down before them and make every effort to create a feeling of happiness for your spouse. You ditch your selfish feelings and the desires you may have for yourself as an individual and solely focus on your marriage, spouse and the product of your marriage (meaning, children) While, that all sounds well and good in a perfect and entirely unselfish world with no true emotions or feelings, I also know that that mindset can slowly kill any relationship. As beautiful, selfless and completely enticing that mindset may look from afar, there are many loopholes and frankly, many things about the particular way you approach a relationship that seems selfish. Before you start getting all huffy and puffy and saying "She doesn't have a CLUE! thinking ENTIRELY of my par…