Summer has been flying by and it is unbelievable! We're already almost to August. Before we know it the kids will be back in school and I, for one, will have to figure out what exactly to do with my time during the day so I can be productive! I won't have a herd of boys to entertain. I won't have to break up nearly as many fights either...The whole "Stop Following me!" or "I'm telling Mom!" will NOT be missed.

The summer has been an interesting one. We moved to a whole new place in June. Bloomington, MN is our new home. It has been a summer or figuring out the area, getting used to the kids being home ALL day, and attempting to create some more relationships, not only for myself, but also for my business! While it may be slow to start out, I think in due time we will know lots of people and families in the area. 

Aside for all this I am working daily on my photography and editing. 
I am loving black and white photos at the moment so I thought I would post of few from some summer adventures we've had :) 

Some of these portraits are of my niece and nephews and some are of my own boys. When they let me captured them through my lens I take the opportunity! Like most kids, these ones don't really like having their pictures I jump at the opportunity to capture some great shots of them! 


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