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Summer has been flying by and it is unbelievable! We're already almost to August. Before we know it the kids will be back in school and I, for one, will have to figure out what exactly to do with my time during the day so I can be productive! I won't have a herd of boys to entertain. I won't have to break up nearly as many fights either...The whole "Stop Following me!" or "I'm telling Mom!" will NOT be missed.
The summer has been an interesting one. We moved to a whole new place in June. Bloomington, MN is our new home. It has been a summer or figuring out the area, getting used to the kids being home ALL day, and attempting to create some more relationships, not only for myself, but also for my business! While it may be slow to start out, I think in due time we will know lots of people and families in the area. 
Aside for all this I am working daily on my photography and editing.  I am loving black and white photos at the moment so I thought I wou…

The Relocation Celebration!

Hey Everyone! 
So, to celebrate moving to a new place, in a new city, with new clients I wanted to hold a little contest. It was a simple celebration drawing called the Relocation Celebration! It was great fun and we got LOTS of entries! 
It is now the final day and the day to announce the WINNER(S). 
YES, I said Winners! I couldn't just pick one! 
The first prize is a great prize containing a one hour session fee waived! So, that means an hour long shoot for free!

The second prize is 40% off the package price of your choosing!

The third prize is 20% off the package price of your choosing! 
So, without further ado...

Congrats Amy Root! You won a free one hour session at Catherine Miller Photography!

The second place winner is...
Congrats Mariah Kowalk you won 40% off your photo session with Catherine Miller Photography! 

The Third place winner is...
Congrats Dannielle Wilson you won 20% off your photo session with Catherine Miller Photography!! 

Congrats to everyone and really a gre…

Ring Shots | 2013

As a photographer practice is the best thing you can do with your down time. I have been learning everyday new techniques and new things about my career. I did some test shots recently with my own engagement ring to show different styles, backgrounds etc. Here are a few of the images from my test shots. They turned out really neat. I had some great outdoors area (my own childhood home) to roam around and find the perfect little settings. 

You love the photos?? Go check out to see more beautiful images :)