Birthday Girl...

My sweet nieces birthday was a couple of days ago...
So, I wanted to get her dressed up a bit and take some pictures of her. She absolutely hates it when I take pictures of her usually (running away screaming "RUN! Crazy picture lady!")  but her mom and I persuaded her saying it was a monumental event turning 5. She was quite good for me...but she did throw LOTS of cheesy faces in there, but I wouldn't expect anything different from her. 

She is an angelic little sassy pants, that is for sure. 

I feel very blessed being able to capture the sweet moments that not only my own boys have, but my nieces and nephews have. They are such a gift to my life.

What a goof! 

Other than sharing precious time with my family I have really been attempting to develop Catherine Miller Photography. It's a lot of work starting a business, but it's so worth it. My passion for art and photography has spilled over into my everyday life. EVERYTHING I do I am looking for the right light, seeing the perfect images in my mind, or trailing behind a child trying to get the perfect picture. 

I really love what I do! 
I can't wait to share my job, passion and works of art with others :) 

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