My new Adventure...Minnesota Portrait Photographer

2012 has truly been a weird and change filled year. 

I went from living in the house I grew up in to living in Big Lake, Minnesota. A city I had only really ever driven by on the way up to our cabin trips. (and I didn't even drive by it actually...I would just drive by a sign that said "Big Lake" with an arrow pointing to where you think it would lead to Big Lake) 

Lots of things have changed, situations have changed and I, as a person have changed...but I am better for it all happening regardless of how difficult all of these changes were. Many tears were shed and hearts were broken (in more ways than one), but I survived 2012 and I am going to give 2013 ALL I'VE GOT. 


Out of this weird year I also found that my passion truly lies in Photography. I still do create beautiful bridal accessories...and LOVE painting just the same, but Photography has really allowed me to capture others in a beautiful way and grow relationships. 

When I started my photography venture I was very unsure about if I would be good enough or not. We all have those doubts in us and we all question whether we'll be good enough to truly show off our talents. 
But the thing I have learned through my self doubts is that I can tackle them, feel wonderful about what I am doing and have the sound knowledge that I AM GOOD ENOUGH. 
I am. 

My entire life I have felt that I was given artistic talents for one reason or another...and I knew I couldn't waste them...regardless of what I was doing. So, that is what I am doing. I am sharing my talents with the world in hopes of capturing some really beautiful and heartfelt images for others that they can look back on and enjoy for years to come. 

I love what I do. I am finding my place of happiness, peace, joy and love.

So, here are a few images i've taken :) Enjoy


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