Work Spaces are cool!

Hi Everyone! 

Summer is winding down, I am finally feeling *sort of* moved in to our new house and I am gearing up for my sons send off to a brand new school! 

Although I will have my 3 year old with me most days, I am really excited to be able to focus most of my time and energy during the day working on my business. 

I have been cleaning like a crazy lady for the past few days and have been able to get my work space situated to where I feel great about working in it, there is no clutter and I have LOTS of work spaces for my artwork AND my accessories! I am super pumped about it. 

So, I wanted to share with you all the inside of my work space. It's like looking inside what I do on a daily basis! 

My art desk...I have been using it and am so excited about being extremely organized! 

One of the latest Pen and Ink drawings I am working on. I will post more pictures when I am finished with it! 

 This is my accessory work space. It's a great space with lots of room to create :) 

 Here are both of my areas. They are side by side, but they are also catered to different needs. It's great not having to work on the floor anymore! 

Zoey Catherine in her space. 

Thanks All! 

Hope to see you again soon! 


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