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Work Spaces are cool!

Hi Everyone! 
Summer is winding down, I am finally feeling *sort of* moved in to our new house and I am gearing up for my sons send off to a brand new school! 
Although I will have my 3 year old with me most days, I am really excited to be able to focus most of my time and energy during the day working on my business. 
I have been cleaning like a crazy lady for the past few days and have been able to get my work space situated to where I feel great about working in it, there is no clutter and I have LOTS of work spaces for my artwork AND my accessories! I am super pumped about it. 
So, I wanted to share with you all the inside of my work space. It's like looking inside what I do on a daily basis! 

My art desk...I have been using it and am so excited about being extremely organized! 

One of the latest Pen and Ink drawings I am working on. I will post more pictures when I am finished with it! 

 This is my accessory work space. It's a great space with lots of room to create :)