Blushing, Tattoos, Hair....

Hi Guys! 

So, I've been like a ghost around here lately...
Here are a few reasons....
1. Because it's summer...and I have 3 rambunctious boys that NEED to be outside. 
2. Life gets you sometimes and you can't keep up with it...that's just how it is.
3. I moved in June and have been attempting to adjust to the new city, a new home, a new everything...even a new (New to me!) Car. (It's a Buick...she's lovely.) 

So, a midst all of these changes I have still managed to chop off all my hair, start transitioning my shop to entirely bridal accessories, get a new tattoo,  and take care of my 3 sons...all in a days work, Right? 

 Short Hair...
Tattarooski....It's not finished, but color is to come in a few weeks :) 

So, I have started created Bridal Bouquets, they are so flippin' sweet...I will share a few pictures with you..

Here are a few lovely pictures. They are posted at my website and on my GO.CHECK.THEM.OUT!

 This is called Blushing can find it here: 

This is called Rustic Dream...You can find it here: 

OR go to to see my website :) 

Don't be a stranger! 
Onward, I go....

Zoey :) 


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