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My Birthday Project...

Hi All! 
My boys birthday is tomorrow...
I gave him his present early, but I wanted to share it with you all! 
It is a mixed media piece that was created with love and time :) 
I used my old magazines to find inspiring words and phrases (Which, by the would think magazines dedicated to making women feel beautiful and unique and confident in themselves would have a few words I couldn't find like: Remedy, Direction and Confidently...BUT alas, I couldn't find them...)
 I also created a few phrases from Henry David Thoreau because my boy likes his Thoreau.
I used layers of Mod Podge and Tissue to create texture then I created many layers of paint to create something completely unique and fun.
Take a look! 

I was pretty excited to give it to him.  I give him lots of artwork as a reminder that I love him  and because I think handmade gifts are the best things to give :)