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Hi All! 

So, you know how I started my biographical photo journey for 2012?? 

Well, here is another post....

Ever since I was pretty young I've had insecurities...I mean, c'mon, we all do actually.  
They were always present, but never dominant in my life, but I usually would find ways to mask my insecurities...and it usually was by putting on makeup and putting up that guard so no one would know the real me. The insecure and slightly awkward (but super hilarious...) me. 

Well, I wanted you to see what I look at in the mirror everyday. If you've seen my Etsy page you have always seen me with pretty pink lips, mascara, eye liner...etc. etc. But, when you take that off and just see me for me...well, that's who I am. 

Mind you, I do think makeup is a great beauty enhancer, but as cheesy as it sounds, beauty really is only skin deep and it should radiate from within. 

BUT, This is who I am. This is who I wake up with and who I go to bed with at night. 
No makeup, all natural and wildly funky hair...and just me being me. 

Remember that once you let go of your insecurities you can truly start living. 
I really have been trying to keep that in mind. I can only be me...it's kinda who I am stuck with, and more so than anything...I like who I am. 
I like my spunky, Sasquatch obsessed, quirky, unmatching self. 


  1. Your BEAUTIFUL Zoey!!! I've always loved you for you!

  2. Your BEAUTIFUL Zoey!!! I've always loved you for you!


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