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Dear Me....

So, I am almost 27. Yep, me...27...phew! 

For my biographical photo series I thought today would be a great day to write a "Dear Me" letter.

Ya know how if you could just go back in time and write something to yourself at certain ages?? Well, that's what I am doing...

Dear 7 year old me...
First off, Cute shirt! I love that outfit...I know how it makes you feel... Special! I also know that's why you wore it. You knew you would be having your picture taken and you wanted to wear one of your favorite outfits. You may never be a ballet dancer (OR a dancer at all!) but, it makes you feel girly and special. Just keep feeling special until the day you die, because, guess what? YOU ARE! I know you like to draw and color and you love to get lost in your own little world...keep doing that too. It's what makes you, YOU! You are such a sweet little girl, try not to loose that with age. I know you like to fight with your brothers, but guess what? You will all grow up and be each other's best just keep that in mind. We will have some tough times ahead of us, but remember that we can do it. We've always been quiet, but brave and strong. Just keep creating, Zoey. It's what makes you, you and it will always be with you. 

Love, Me

Dear 17 year old me-
Well, I am writing you again to give you encouragement and hope. You're kind of dark and pensive right now and a little self centered, but lemme tell ya...that will be changing...SOON. You're about to have some life changing experiences, but don't worry...they will be all for your benefit and self growth. I know you're still pretty quiet and sometimes seriously moody, but I guess it's part of growing up. One piece of advice I could offer you at the moment is BE HAPPY! I know the whole moody emo thing works at times, but seriously, life is okay. I know you haven't found your place yet in the world and it really bothers you at times, but remember, you will. Keep were born with such a gift. Don't loose site of that. AND REMEMBER...just breath, be happy, and keep laughing. 

Love, Me

Dear 27 year old Me-
Hey You. Lookin' good girl! So, Here we are...I guess you're not quite 27, but you almost are. You have been through SO.MUCH.STUFF. I know. Life takes twists and turns that you can't understand or imagine that it would, but that is part of your progression. You have grown so strong and brave and I know you like to stand up for what you believe in. I know sometimes you get down on yourself because you're not where you'd thought you be at 27 (ya know, a house, a husband, a nice (NICER) car, stability...etc) BUT, just know that it will happen in time. You have a family that loves you and supports your decisions in all you do. You have a wonderful partner in crime (or not crime...we're not criminals...yet!..muhaha.) and you've got 3 awesome, amazing, and special little boys that fill your life with joy. Look at all the positive things going on around you. Forget about the stuff that brings you down and remember that it will be okay. All of the obstacles you've been through have made you who you are. There are some BIG things on the horizon of your life...I can feel it. If you can feel it too and be a positive light in other peoples lives I think those big things will come barging in, take you by surprise and give you great pleasure. 
Just know that I love you. 
Love, Me


  1. Hi Zoey, found you through the Etsy Top Treasury Team :) I wanted to connect and follow your lovely blog!

    BTW! You are lookin good girl! I'm going to be 38 and I'm freaking the @!# out!

    Hope to stay in touch xoox


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