Love Book.

Hi All! 

So, I wanted to share a really fun and personalized tutorial with you...
I thought I could share this with you since it was an early Christmas present to my Love. 

He adored the gift and I think if you take just a little bit of time to create a heartfelt gift like this, the special someone you give it to will adore it as well!! 

I started out by finding some playing cards ( in our junk drawer of course.)...I made sure that there was also a joker in the deck because you'll want to use that as the cover for your little "Love Book". 

I first, and foremost had to come up with 52 things I love about my man.
 It was a fun way to reflect on things that I really love about him...It wasn't as daunting of a task as I thought. I usually carried a notebook around with me so if things popped into my head I would quickly write them down, as to not forget. 

I then typed them up on the computer with a lovely, legible font. You can write them as well, but I am a slacker...The task of writing 52 sayings in my prettiest handwriting WAS daunting!!
 (I measured the card and made each little phrase about 2 inches wide so they would fit perfect on the card.) 

I used my handy dandy ink pad to give them a little pizazz and outlined each one individually. 

I then glued each saying onto a card with a glue stick.
After I was finished gluing each saying onto the card I then hole punched the top left corner and the bottom left corner. 

To finish off each card I used Mod Podge Gloss and a splash of brown and silver acrylic paint to add an antiqued look. 
I mixed the mixture together in a small dish and brushed it all over the card haphazardly. 

If you're more of a perfectionist you can do it carefully, but in this case (which, I usually am a perfectionist) I liked the way it looked when it was quickly brushed on there. 
I set them each out to dry...

Then I laced ribbon through all of the punched holes so it looked like a book. I added a sweet little love charm to the top ribbon to add a sweet personalized little touch.

So, Here you have it. With a little bit of time and some items laying around the house you can make a lovely gift for the one you love that is personalized, sweet and unexpected...


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