Leather Cuff Tutorial

Hi All! 

So, First off, I wanted to retract my statement made a few posts ago about how it's all wintery here...
It's not...anymore. There is not a  drop of snow on the ground. It's highly unusual for Minnesota to look this barren in December! I want at least a little white stuff for the Holidays! 

On that note...

Leather Cuff Tutorial

I was requested to make a black cuff bracelet by my one and only love. So, I thought it'd share a tutorial and let you know how EASY it is to create!

All you need is: 
Scrap leather or suede
A leather punch
Metal snaps
Snap setting tools
Embellishments (if you want them)

I am TERRIBLE at explaining really detailed how-To's in the technical sense...so If you need to know how to use the snap setting tools go here and watch the video. His tools are a bit different than the ones I have, but it's the same process.

I first off, Cut the leather into a long strip, after measuring to make sure it would be long enough for my boys wrist. 

I then punched holes in each end of the leather strip with the leather hole punch, for the snaps to fit.  (I cut the excess leather off the end, mind you.)

After I punched the holes I attached the snaps using the hammer and my snap fastening tools. 

After that I began to punch holes so I could add metal studs to his cuff.
 I used the smallest hole punch I had on my Leather Punch...

After that point it was basically finding a pattern I like with the metal studs. 

The whole process only took about 30 minutes and I was pretty happy with the results! 

I also created one for myself with the same process, but I added some little metal charms by sewing them to the cuff.

Well, I hope you enjoyed to tutorial as much as I loved creating the cuffs! 


  1. I'm not sure how I missed this post!! But O my!! I want to make one right now! :)


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