Plum Smoke!

A smokey plum eye...

What a pretty thing and so simple to do. Here is your step by step guide to create a beautiful smokey eye on you! 

I recently found an AWESOME find! SERIOUSLY. 

Eyes.Lips.Face has an amazing 100 eye shadow set that originally is $10.00 at Target, I got it for $8.50 in sale...and what a GREAT purchase.  All of their products were on sale, and seriously they are awesome and will not break your bank. 

This is what I have...

I used it in creating my smokey eye look today. 

to start off you need a great base. I started with a little bit of tinted moisturizer and some concealer. (If you have dark circles it's a great way to cover them up...I ALWAYS have them, due to genetics) 

I then brushed on a smidge of bronzer to highlight the skin and create a soft glow. 

For the eye:
I started with a nice pale yellow gold base. This is a great color to highlight the eyes and create some dimension in your shadow. I swept the highlighting color from lash line to brow line keeping close attention to highlight my brow bone. 

Here are the colors I used...I started with the lightest plum then worked my way down to the darkest plum color.

For the lightest plum color I swept it from lash line to the crease of my eye. This adds nice dimension and sets an overall pretty color for your eye. 

then I went to the 2nd plum color and swept it down my lash line and made sure to direct it into the crease of my lids. This helps build the color on your lids. The darkest color I chose was to add the smokey effect. I only used it in the crease of my eyelid. 

After I was finished with the shadow I used a charcoal grey eyeliner pencil and lined my top lids softly and then lined the lash line on the bottom lashes. When I do the bottom lids I try not to go below the eyelashes. I do the actual inner part of my bottom lashes. 

I then applied mascara.

To finish off the look I used a pretty pale pink highlighting powder on the apples of my cheeks and my cheek bones. 
(with this highlighting powder I switch between a pink cream blush or a soft pink color) 
With blush, don't be afraid of color! Go for bright colors. You can sweep them on lightly without looking scary!! I Promise! 

To finish the look I used a lovely pale gloss just to give my lips some shine. 

This look took me under 10 minutes and it's beautiful and makes you stand out!

I hope you all take this information and create beautiful looks for yourself! 

Zoey :)


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