Sewing Ventures...

So, I did something brave today. I sewed. Yep, that's bravery to me....because I do not know how to sew whatsoever. I did take a sewing class once in high school (which was quite a long time ago...) But when it came to the final sewing project that I didn't really want to do, my mom actually came in one day after school and sewed the entire project for me...haha OOPS. Sorry Mrs. Whatsherface  (I don't remember her name...) She gave me an A though...


So, I woke up this morning with an itch to get out my birthday present from 10 years ago (which, was a sewing machine...) and sew something on it for the first time EVER. 

(apparently, that's how I roll) 

So, Here is my first EVER sewing project that I did all by myself. I even looked up online on how to thread the needle. 

I did have a few mishapes annnnnd forgot to put the foot down the entire project (Which, I later figured out after my mom told me) 

I added a nice panel to the bottom of my jeans. I wanted some lovely bell bottom flares, So...I made them myself. 

Hopefully, this is the start of something wonderful. 


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