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A shit storm

Life can get really REALLY challenging.  I like to call these shit storms. 
They seemingly happen frequently around times you are trying to be productive, proactive and turn a new page.  I have waded my way through many a shit storm. It hasn't always been easy, but I've always made it to the other side...mostly. 
Our life currently has been no different. We have been muddling through our own shit storm lately. It has been frustrating, exasperating and makes me want to shake my fists at the universe to shape up because I am pissed off about the shit we're wading through. 
We have had our house on the market most of the summer. The stress of just having your home on the market is enough to make a really sane person freak out, but when you border on the edge of being a tweak mommy at times...tweaking ensues. Keeping a house show ready, staged  and clean has been a challenge with all of the kids home most of the summer. 
On day 19 we were offered a deal for…

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